Instructions for Selected Poster, Virtual Poster and Flash Poster Presenters

Accepted selected in-person poster presenters will have assigned times at which they will have to present and discuss the poster with other attendees of the poster session. We recommend that you are by your poster to answer questions etc. during that specific poster session time. Please see the programme for full schedule details nearer to the time of the congress. Our FAQ page also has lots of useful information.

All posters (regardless of whether the presenter is attending in-person or virtually) will be available digitally via the e-poster boards onsite, congress app and virtual platform.

All in-person poster presenters will need to bring a printed poster as well.

If the presenter is registered with a virtual congress ticket, the only presentation opportunity will be via the MP4 file preloaded with the digital poster.

Traditional Printed Posters

Poster set up and removal

Poster presenters are requested to set up their printed poster, on Tuesday 11th October 2022 16:00-18:00 or Wednesday 12th October 2022 prior to the first morning tea/coffee break. A team of volunteers will be available to help you set up your poster in the correct location. All posters will be displayed in the Ballroom. Your exact poster number and location will be available in the programme and app, and a list will also be available on a list, when you arrive on site. Presenters are responsible for setting up and removing their poster by the required time. Posters should be removed by no later than 12:00 on Saturday 15th October 2022. The WMS Congress Secretariat will not be responsible for loss of the poster after this removal time.

In addition to the scheduled poster sessions, you will be able to show your presentation to your colleagues throughout the entire congress at the traditional poster boards, designated e-poster screens as well as using the congress app. We request that a traditional physical poster be made available for display at the poster board area in addition to your Flash Presentation.

Poster printing

Presenters should include their email address and photo on the poster so that interested people can reach them during the congress (either embedded or separately attached).

We have arranged for a local printer to support delegates with poster printing and delivery to the venue. Please liaise directly with them, WMS is only providing their contact details below:

•    Poster files must be uploaded online at (once file is received, TPH will email the cost and payment submission details).
•    Files must be received Monday, October 3rd 2022, by 09:00, to be available for pickup on site at the Halifax Convention Centre Tuesday, October 11th, at 16:00.
•    Files received after Oct.3 cannot be guaranteed for pick up onsite – but will have to be picked up from TPH Halifax (1809 Barrington St., Halifax NS B3J 3K8) on Oct.11 after 12:00.
•    Posters will be printed in colour to max size 915mm x 1067mm (36x42 inches) on a 46lb Premium Presentation Matte coated paper. Additional requests for lamination or other media may effect the timeline/ pickup location. 
•    Questions regarding printing leading up to conference – please email, or call 902.422.7730

Poster size

Printed posters should be made in portrait orientation, maximum 915mm x 1067mm (36x42 inches). If your poster does not match these dimensions, we cannot guarantee that it will fit the poster boards. You will find pieces of Velcro on the poster boards or available nearby.

Please note: All in-person Poster Presenters also need to prepare an ePoster. See the section below for more information. 

Virtual and e-Posters

Deadline for uploading ePosters: 7th September 2022

Presenters will receive a dedicated link to upload their ePosters via email in June. Please remember that all posters will be available digitally via the e-poster boards onsite, congress app and virtual platform. If the presenter is registered with a virtual congress ticket, the only presentation opportunity will be via the video/audio file preloaded with the digital poster.

Technical specifications for ePosters

You will be asked to upload an e-poster document and an audio or video .MP4 file to the congress platform by 7th September 2022. 

You may use a template for guidance that can be downloaded HERE

Recording your MP4 file for your ePoster

You are encouraged to include a short 3-5 minute audio recording to accompany your ePoster.

In case you encounter any difficulties with the format, please contact Michael Lockett,  

Instructions for Pre-recorded Video
We request you prepare and upload a video of your presentation, including a brief introduction with a webcam (if desired) and slides with a voice over for your presentation.

Video Specifications:
The technical requirements of the video are as follows:

Please be sure the file name is the same as your presentation title.

Tools for Preparing the Video:

You can prepare your video and its transcription using any recording and editing tool that will produce an output that will meet the above specifications.

Using Descript: Free usage of the Descript app for video recording, editing, and captioning (available for Mac and Windows, but not Linux). Descript makes it very easy to record an on-screen presentation, optionally with a webcam view. The video is then automatically transcribed and Descript provides nice tools to quickly fix transcription errors. The video can also be edited directly by editing the transcription, for example, to cut out mistakes (no need to stop and restart recordings, just keep going), and fillers can be automatically removed. Once the video and transcription are ready, you can export them as .mp4.

Other options for video recording:

You can use PowerPoint: Create Voice Over Powerpoint and convert to MP4
Another simple way to record the presentation is to use a video conferencing tool to record the content displayed by your computer screen and your voice recorded by the computer microphone, or an external microphone. In that way, you can show your face via webcam and display your slides as you talk. You can use any meeting software, as long as you get a good quality recording, and your final file is in the MP4 format. You may wish to edit the video after having recorded it. Here are some links to instructions on recording a meeting on common platforms:

Please note: All in-person ePoster Presenters also need to prepare a traditional printed poster. See the section above for more information. 

Flash Poster Presentations

New for WMS 2022 are Flash Poster Presentations. These are an exciting opportunity for those selected, to present to an informal audience during the Poster Sessions. You will have been notified in your Abstract Notification Email if you were selected for one of these.

We will have three presentation platforms/corners in amongst the posters area. Each one will have large digital screens to display the presentation, a lectern and microphone. The audience will gather round on informal seating to listen to the presentations for ~30 minutes of each Poster Session. When these presentations are finished, all Poster Presenters for that session (not just Flash Poster Presenters) will then stand by their traditional printed poster for the rest of the session to discuss their poster with attendees.

A designated Moderator/s will moderate the Flash Presentation sessions. Each abstract will be presented with a slide presentation of 5 minutes, where 3 minutes are designated for your presentation and 2 minutes for discussion with the chairperson and audience. There are several presentations per session. You are requested to be present at your platform screen during the entire Flash Poster session.

In addition to the scheduled sessions, you will be able to show your presentation to your colleagues throughout the entire congress at the traditional poster boards, designated e-poster screens as well as using the congress app. We request that a traditional physical poster be made available for display at the poster board area in addition to your Flash Presentation.

Preparing your Flash Presentation

Presenting at the Congress

There are strictly scheduled slots for all presentations at the congress. Session Moderators are at liberty to cut off any presentation that exceeds the given time frame to maintain the congress schedule. 
At the beginning of the scheduled timeslot of the session, the session Moderator will open the session and introduce the speakers. After each 3-minute presentation, 2 minutes are reserved for discussion with the Moderator and audience to complete the 5-minute presentation slot. All participants are encouraged to contribute to the session and ask questions. The Moderator will take the last minutes to address any final questions and formally close the session. Presenters and Moderators are kindly asked to be present for the entire session to which the abstract was accepted to ensure interaction with the audience.

Uploading your presentation

All Flash Presentations must be uploaded to the same folder where you upload your poster files by 7th September 2022. All presenters will receive an email with details regarding how to present at the congress, including an upload link and technical details.

Publication Consent

All delegates will be asked during the registration process if they are happy for the recorded presentation/poster/audio/video, and any related recorded Q&A session, to be available on the virtual platform for up to 3 months post-event and potentially on the WMS website for members to access thereafter. If you don't consent, your presentation recording, and related recorded Q&A session, will be available for viewing during the congress then removed within approximately 2-weeks post-congress. 

How can I secure my ePoster presentation when it is online?

The copying and recording of content presented is prohibited (see Code of Conduct). Presenters are encouraged to indicate in their presentations content presented shall not be shared or copied.

To aid in this, a digital graphic image may be incorporated in the poster. Click here to download.

Presenters may also secure a Digital Object Identifier (DoI) for their presentation by uploading it to an open data sharing repository for posters and slides.



Messaging ePoster Presenters

Within the virtual platform and app, there is a messaging service to facilitate scientific exchange.  

Poster Highlights

The Prize Committee will review the ePoster presentations prior to the virtual congress and the Organisers will notify the successful presenters by TBC. The Poster Highlights session is on Saturday 15th October 2022. There will be 6 x 10 + 5 (Q&A) minute presentations. The presenter should prepare 3-5 PowerPoint slides (including introduction, main findings, main messages, acknowledgement) to show during session and must present data as indicated on the original poster.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Clare Beach, WMS Secretariat



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